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Whether it's sticking to a diet, staying cigarette free, or struggling to reach your goals, Shayne Weber can get you past the mental obstacles and blocks that are holding you back with  hypnotherapy, a scientific solution with a rich history and permanent results that will  help you experience the life, health, and success that you deserve. Hypnosis deals with the largest part of the mind, the subconscious mind, responsible for our emotions and behaviors. Only when we change our thoughts will we truly experience lasting change. Hypnosis also assists with self-esteem, stress & anxiety, motivation, fears & phobias, habit control, insomnia, relationships, pre-surgical preparation & post-surgical healing, anger management, cancer therapy, and more!

You may want something consciously but it will never materialize until your subconscious mind has been “de-cluttered” and “redesigned.” Shayne Weber is the premier practitioner of hypnotherapy throughout the Beverly Hills area, including Tarzana. Shayne’s hypnosis services can help realign your mental state and get you on the path to success. A graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the first federally accredited college  of hypnotherapy in the U.S., Shayne’s decade of experience can help you set your mind to  any task or goal – literally. Using her experience in clinical hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming), Timeline Therapy®, and Therapeutic Imagery, Shayne has helped celebrities, athletes, business professionals, college students, homemakers, teens, and children achieve the outcome they so richly deserve.

Achieve the life you have always wanted. Book your 20 minute complimentary phone or Skype consultation  with  Shayne today! Call her on 1.310.713.1931.


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